Re: [HCDX]: Hello and tuning-suggestions
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Re: [HCDX]: Hello and tuning-suggestions

Karel asked me to write something about the Asian stations I have heard on the MW-band here in Holland:
Well here are some "personal rules", maybe they will be able to serve as a help for you:
1- I only have been able to hear stations on frequencies which were completely free in my part of the world. For instance 1395,1440 or 1467. So no QRM from Euro stations.
2-the A-index was always under 5, as you know the sun has this 27/28 days-cyclus, so I used this cyclus to "predict" good days to tune in. This did not mean I actually heard them on all "good" (a<5) days. Over the last 3 years I succeeded 6-7 times!! Now I have acces to Internet I will be better able to note when there are good solar conditions and there MIGHT be an opening to Asia! 
3-Stations were only audible for 20 minutes or less, mostly this was the time of local sunset overthere (for instance 23.40 UTC for Thailand)
4-I am honest to admit I could not note positive ID's at any time. But: I have noted clear talk in Korean on 1467 or talk in Thai language on 1395 and 1467 or Chinese talk on 1440 and 1351. I am a languagefreak myself and with help of DX-friends I clearly identified these languages, so I am sure that I heard a Thai station on 1467. But: which station?? yes, there I depend on the info given by Dx-literature! The Chinese stations on 1440 are still UNID to me, in my logbook I have only noted names of Chinese stn heard by Scandinavian DX'ers on these frequencies.
Best wishes,
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You are absolutely right! Grey-line DX means both DX'er and transmitter are within the grey zone. I was mistaken but one is never too old to learn!! Still, I have done some excellent catches of Asian MW-stations during local sunrise at transmittersite (and thus middle in the night overhere). So even if one side has sunrise this can improve reception!!
Best wishes!
Julius Hermans
Hi Julius,
thanks for your info.
Can you write something about the Asian stations you have heard on MW?
What time (month, hour)?
Thanks + GOOD DX,