[HCDX]: Peruvian night
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[HCDX]: Peruvian night

I just come home from DSWCI AGM with DX-camp in southern Denmark. On May 
12/13 only poor conditions on the Tropical Bands, due to strong atmospe-ric 
noice (thunderstorms). On the other bands several Brazilians came in.
But during the night from May 13th to May 14th I could catch signals of 
numerous Peruvians. I never could listen to so many different stations from 
Peru in one night during the 30 years, being a DXer. Partially very srtrong 
signals up to O=4. Very often  "el dia de la madre" was mentioned. A list 
will follow when I've assorted all my notes. Unfortunately absolutely nothing 
regarding Radio Yura from Bolivia, but Radio Mallku was booming in.
Receiver was a Drake R 8 with 200 metres longwire about 1m above the ground.
                            73s, Andy (Pennant Museum)
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