[HCDX]: KODL-1440-The Dalles OR
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[HCDX]: KODL-1440-The Dalles OR

Since I arrived back from So Cal, I have not heard KODL during the day
here on the Oregon coast at about 140 air miles to the SE. I have always
heard them fair during the day.  Today I kicked on the ECSS (BFO) and I
can barely detect a carrier. I phoned KODL and they had some trouble
with their old tower up on a hill, so they had to move to a temp. system
in town. They are using a longwire antenna with maybe 1 KW (I doubt that
even as I would hear them with 1 KW). This system will be in use for
quite sometime while they are building a new TX site with 5/1 KW U2. I
have heard KODL weakly at night of late with the poor cx, but little
skip from the East has been in at the time.
Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR (USA)

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